The future of Dynamics NAV – the debate continues (door James Crowter)

So the debate about the usefulness of Dynamics NAV’s new extensions continues, I’ve been away for a couple of weeks (with the geek hell of very intermittent wifi) and have returned to find that even the press has picked up on the debate. Have to say that I’m still convinced that they are a good thing and having had some time with no distractions to think through why, I’ll try to articulate the reasons. Best get a coffee first though – this goes on for a bit!

I’ll start by saying that Dynamics NAV is a product that I totally believe in, it’s been my life for twenty years, I’ve made a good amount of money from it and more importantly it’s given me unbelievable job satisfaction. Some of the projects I’ve used it in have transformed the businesses they were for, nothing beats the buzz of watching a solution you’ve designed and created, enable massive success. And that success is normal, its just how long it takes to get there.

Good but standard is not good enough – hence we often need customisation

But if I’m honest, since day one, Dynamics NAV has been a great  product for developers as much as the organisations using it. If you could write some code or find your way around its object designer, then you’d love it. If you didn’t then it’s maddeningly, frustratingly close to perfection.

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Door: Edys op 01/02/2017


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