Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Reinventing Business Processes

Today is the first day of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. More than 13,000 partners from 144 countries will gather to learn and dream about how they can grow their own business with Microsoft. That opportunity is substantial.

Two years ago, we set out with an ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes. In a world of infinite information and computing and finite attention and time, we aim to help everyone get more out of every moment and change the nature of digital work within organizations of all sizes.

We pursue this ambition in service of our customers’ digital transformations. Businesses of all sizes in every country will not just use digital technologies, but become digital companies themselves. Each company is attempting to digitally transform to achieve the same four outcomes – to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products.

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Door: Edys op 01/02/2017


Waarom Edys?

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